Income tax preparation is often thought of as a typical burden to shift to an accountant. Consider the fact that you may also need to plan for the future....saving for those long term goals - planning eventually for retirement. Most people if asked would not consider themselves as "wealthy." The Internal Revenue Service, however, has a different opinion. For a more complete approach to minimizing taxes and planning for the future consider calling for a complementary half-hour needs assessment.



Your time and your business' productivity may be suffering from the strain of carrying too much of the burden of doing record keeping and reporting to governmental agencies. Consider shifting some of that burden to an experienced certified public accountant. Do you have the right information available to you to help you control your business? Is your business operating as efficiently as you believe it should? Gain additional control of your business by establishing performance goals and a monitoring process. Integrate business financial planning with individual planning to minimize tax consequences. Keep your focus on the key aspects of running and improving your business. Call upon the services of an experienced certified public accountant to assist you in these and other areas of your business.